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NOLA Itinerary #2

: : : : : : : : : :  DAY TWO

{ I’ll need some of that thick, strong, chicory coffee like they serve at Café du Monde }

Out of bed early the next morning . . . just in time for an 8am breakfast meeting at the  NOMA, the New Orleans Museum of Art. I sure hope they give us some time to look around the museum. { look at this one on self-taught artists and yoga in the sculpture garden }.

At 10am we go to the City Park Garden Study Center for a discussion. This beautifully-restored structure, with its solid brick walls, a slate roof and copper gutters, is reminiscent of an old English cottage. { while everyone else is pontificating, I’ll be taking photos, photos, photos }

For lunch, we will interact with 504ward, the collaborative movement dedicated to retaining young talent in New Orleans. We’ll do so in the WWII Museum, which will have a real impact on me, I’m sure. My Dad served in that war. (You must read about theirKnit Your Bit Project‘ – scroll down and see the photos).

Mid-afternoon we’ll tour some industry-specific sites. Since I’m in the ‘arts’ category, I hope to see artists’ studios, office lofts, music venues, or ad/interactive agencies.We have a little down time in the Ashé Cultural Arts Center.

At 5pm, the itinerary says “BioInnovation Center/Tulane and Happy Hour” at the Hotel. Bet you can guess which of those I’ll choose. Biology just isn’t my thing.

Then dinner at this is really cool place ~ Second Line Stages ~ the nation’s first independent film studio that is green! Built to the exacting standards of the motion picture industry, this place runs its production with biodiesel alternative fuel generators, plus they are solar-powered. I suspect dinner will be served on the ‘green space terrace with spectacular views of Downtown New Orleans & Mississippi River.’ No plastic forks, I’m sure.

Can you believe the itinerary actually goes on . . . with a night out on Oak Street? They may have to cart me there on a stretcher, but, baby, I ain’t missin’ it!


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  • Sally
    Posted at 05:05h, 08 March

    I went to the WWII museum back when it was called the DDay museum. It’s fabulous! You’ll love it.

  • lisaweldon
    Posted at 05:15h, 08 March

    Sally, do I remember correctly, the Alpha Gams having a formal in New Orleans?

  • Jodi
    Posted at 12:51h, 15 March

    wow, you are busy!!!! can’t wait to hear more