Twenty Pieces: A Memoir

Lisa’s world collapsed the year she turned 58. Her 25-year marriage ended; the only home her children had ever known fell into foreclosure; and her last child left the nest. Her financial lifeline, her career in advertising, had gone stagnant. 


From under the crushing realities a wild and impossible idea popped into her head. What if she went away for 30 days, all alone to New York City and took a crash course to learn the new digital ways of her business? After class she could sneak in a 1-mile walk, each day treating herself to a different neighborhood of Manhattan, the place she’d always dreamed of living. Using the lessons she’d learn, she could share stories and photos from her daily walks, all in hopes of reinventing herself professionally? 


It seemed like the perfect plan, and it was. However–the real truth she found on the streets of Manhattan never made it to her blog. Only in her personal diary did she share the rawness of what she learned about herself. And all that she needed to face and to do to bring about the changes she wanted. 


In her memoir, Twenty Pieces, Lisa Weldon shares what she learned. 


“Weldon’s journey stands out in the memoir genre by telling the story of a life-changing 30 days rather than a years-long undertaking, which is likely to inspire readers to be able to take on their own manageable challenges. Weldon’s humor and vulnerability make her someone readers want to root for and allow her to feel like a treasured friend.”

“Lisa Weldon is a brave writer who has much to teach us. I marvel at how vulnerable she makes herself on the page. As she walks New York City, she confronts her past, and, in doing so, creates her future. She makes me want to give myself 30 days. Every woman should. This is groundbreaking.” 

Author of One Good Mama Bone 

2017 Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction 

Published in France as Mama Red | 

“Lisa paints her walks through Manhattan with the eye of an artist. I could feel, smell, and taste all the surprises she finds in the city… and in herself. Her story is about much more than midlife career reinvention. It’s a soulful excavation of a life years in the making.” 

New York Times Bestselling Author 

and Founder of Haven Writing Programs 

“Here is a woman’s story about surviving a midlife crisis, about courage, about freeing her spirit and stepping out of her comfort zone and trusting her instincts. She cast caution to the wind and became a new person by traveling alone and writing a blog about her experiences of walking the world’s major cities. It’s about renewing the human spirit..” 

Photo Journalist 

Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Southern Living Magazine 

Pulitzer Prize Nominee