I walk cities.

Why? To find powerful

and authentic stories.

In 2011, I cut a map of Manhattan into 20 pieces and walked one piece per day until I covered the entire island. After walking each day, I came home and recorded my findings in my blog, then shared my words and photos through social media. It was from this experience that I learned the power of storytelling.


The next year I spent thirty days walking every arrondissement of Paris. Huffington Post invited me to chronicle my walks then published my first submission on the front cover of their Living Fearlessly” section. Oprahs network, Harpo Productions, caught wind of my walks and invited me to give Cindy Crawford advice on turning 50. I have since walked Istanbul, Shanghai, and la ciudad de Panama.


My memoir titled Twenty Pieces is the story of a 58-year-old woman who reinvents herself by taking 30 days to walk through the pieces of her life. 


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