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Hey Lady,

You’ve been on my mind a lot lately, thinking about your NY adventure. How wonderful for you.  I keep meaning to write you and thank you for flooding me with memories of my two stints there.  The first was straight out of college, very bad economy (second only to this one and the Depression).  Finally got a job with a magazine, up near Columbia, that folded after a few months.  Then it was temp work and poorhouse.  But, the city is so great and there is so much to do for free that it was really a blessing to be free from a real job.  I know Manhattan so well because I took advantage of that time.  After a year I went home and learned a trade, since my BA wasn’t helping any.

My next adventure in NY living was ten years later, with a real job and a boyfriend (later to be my husband) and a pretty good income working for WCBS-TV.  That was also grand, but in a different way.  I was “That Girl” and would meet Michael for lunch outside Rockefeller Center when the weather was nice and we could both get away.  We spent Saturdays exploring Manhattan, Sundays at the Jersey shore. Can’t remember what we did in the winter…it must have been a short one.

I have always treasured my NY memories and experiences.  I love that when I go there I feel a part of the city and know it so well.

I am interested in following your journey.  If the time won’t allow you to walk Manhattan completely (I worry about you in sections above 125th Street) there are wonderful neighborhoods to explore that will also give you a wonderful experience and command of the island.

I would recommend Washington Heights above 181st street.  Take the A train and walk 181st Street and then walk up Fort Washington (not Broadway!) to the Cloisters (you’ll get a workout and visit a wonderful area that will take you from Spanish (used to be mainly Dominicans) to what was post WWII Jewish neighborhoods (now an artsy crowd, as the older people die off or move to Boca).  And, if you haven’t been to the Cloisters and Fort Tryon Park, you’ve got to treat yourself.  Sundays are especially nice when they have a string quartet or other music.

Another great walk not to be missed is 5th Avenue above 86th Street…you’ve got the Guggenheim and the Museum of the City of New York.  86th Street going east used to be a wonderful area, Yorkville, very German, but now it’s big box stores.  Still, if you’re making that walk, be sure to go all the way to the East River and Carl Shurz park and Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s official residence. (Bloomberg prefers his townhouse at 78th near the park, but most mayor’s have lived there).

You can spend a beautiful day at Battery Park and include a free Staten Island Ferry round trip.  Ellis Island is also a must do, and Governor’s Island if you have the time.

When you’re discovering Murray Hill, (don’t miss Teddy Roosevelt’s childhood home), have a margarita at Blockheads, really cold, really fresh Mexican.  Sit outside.  You’ll love the area, full of young professionals.

I could go on and on…can’t wait to hear about your favorite finds!  Have the time of your life.  I look forward to reading your blogs.

God’s Blessings,


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