My To-Do List

a little less than 90 days out:

– fix my camera. My sister gave me a great camera a few years back. It has a video feature in it, plus a zoom lens. A lot of folks have recommended a Flip camera, but it doesn’t have a zoom feature. I realize I have to plug in my camera, download, and upload to Facebook, but I really like this little camera. Lo-tech or hi-tech? I’m going for lo. One less thing to learn. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed.

– get my walking up to 2 miles 3 times a week during April. If I leave it up to my friend, Kim, who I’ve committed to for every Monday morning, she’ll have me doing marathons within a week.

– price out walking shoes

– find an extra $400 this month. Was doing great but totally forgot it was tax time. Then one of the kids announced they wanted to stay at college this summer and go to summer school. { No problem, Lisa. You can just work an extra 80 hours this week }

– write 24 more pre-trip blog posts, gather photos and edit

– get my blog tutor scheduled so I can start promoting it

– buy an iPhone.  Although this will be my most important tool, I keep putting this off. It’s not the money – my sister gave me an Apple gift certificate for Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m DYING to have an iPhone. I’m biting at the bullet to learn how to use apps and have my emails signed with that cool signature: “from my iPhone.” But those 2-year phone contracts? I’d rather someone shoot me between the eyes than sign on that dreaded bottom line. Guess if I’m going to fit in and be hip, I better go ahead and buy it.  { i so remember thinking how ‘out of it’ my parents were when they tried to save 50-cents at McDonald’s. Am I falling right into their shoes? }

buy my airline ticket. Prices have been hovering around $300 so I’m holding out. { but honey, the day I buy my ticket, you can bet your bottom dollar, everybody south of the Mason-Dixon line will know about it! }

have I forgotten anything?

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