Should I Move to NY?

Because of my obvious love of the city, I often get asked, “why don’t you move to New York?” Honey, I spent many a night this summer, lying in bed wondering what my destiny was. Should I just sell everything, pack up my clothes and move to a place that feeds my spirit, a city where my creativity would flourish, a place where I was forced to walk and be healthy?

At my ripe age of 58 – or 59 next week – I am a bit wiser than I was when I was 25. My priorities have changes. Hopes and dreams are a bit more clouded with reality.

The number one – most important – part of my life is my family. Yes, my family would certainly support my decision to move to New York. But I love being close to them, knowing I can jump in my car and go see them. When the kids bring a car full of kids home from college…there’s nothing more fun than cooking for them, listening to them talk. I’m not willing to give up those moments.

I never realized what an integral part of my life my church family was to me. They are my closest friends, my support system, the place where I get centered. New York brings my lots of positive energy, but my church gives me lots of  peace. I’m not sure it’s worth trading for a move to New York.

So my decision is to stay right where I am. Atlanta’s my home. But New York will always be ‘my place at the beach,’ my home-away-from-home, the place where I go to get away from it all and re-energized, re-fueled.

If I keep it this way New York will never lose its magic. It will always be exciting, fun and will hold a special part in my heart. I’m not sure I’d give that up for a move.


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