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30 days

Uncategorized - September 14, 2011 - 2 Comments

This whole crazy journey began back in January when a group of us gals met for our Enneagram class. This particular day-long class, “Setting your Intentions,” taught us how to peel back all the many layers we pile on ourselves . . . in hopes that one day we could peer inside ourselves to identify who we really are and what it is that we wanted to do with the rest of our lives.

It’s amazing how heavy-laden we women are – we pile on such heavy cloaks of responsibility: “mommy”, “wife”, “daughter,” “class mom”, “community activist”, “marketing professional”, and “Bible School teacher”. The list goes on. These layers – these roles – take over our souls to the point where they totally define us, they steer our lives.

Think about it: we wake up in the morning, look at our calendars, go through the day acting out the roles we’ve signed on to do. We make lunches for the kids, meet with the PTA committee, go to work, raise funds for breast cancer, and change laws down at the capitol. Then all of the sudden, the day’s over and we fall into bed, dead tired.

Not once in our day do we stop and think. Not once in our week do we sit down and breathe. Not once in the last ten years did we take time away from this rat race and think, ponder, and intentionally plan our life. I certainly didn’t.

I am often stopped by friends who followed my NYC trip – “I want to meet for dinner and hear about your trip. What was your favorite part?” My answer is always, “the time alone.” I had 30 days of unencumbered time. I had 30 days without responsibility. I was blessed with an entire month of silence, meditation, and time to dream.

To all my friends, I beg you: Start today and plan your thirty days. You don’t have to go to New York, just go somewhere you love. The beach, the mountains, be wild and go to India! Or simply check in a motel in your hometown if that’s where you love.

I’m telling you, thirty days can change the entire focus of your life. It could also change the entire face of our world.

Do it.

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