KoreaTown in ManhattanLeft my class last night about 5:30 and headed across town on 32nd Street. About the time I hit 5th Avenue, the whole landscape began to change. I’ll let pictures speak for themselves:

Oscar Meyer a la Korea:

hot dogs in KtownKorean BBQ? Not sure that sets well with this Southerner:

ktown nyc

KoreaTown’s version of popsicles. Green tea, mango, coffee, melon…

popsickles in Koreatown

If you can’t read Korean, you’re SOL in this area:

korean writing

Never saw so much junk in my life. Stores full of this fine $2 jewelry:

ktown jewelry storesMore stores, more junk . . . the stores were packed with boyfriends and husbands. All the fine jewelry you can get for under $10!

jewelry in Korea Town NYCBut all this junk must sell. Even citibank changed their logo for these Koreans:

citibank in koreatown

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