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My sister and daughter are in town today. Will take a few days off and post only quick thoughts.

To start our day, Michele and I walked down the street to find farmers, bakers, and beekeepers setting up a fresh market. Peaches, cherries, raspberries, freshly baked breads and quiches, mushrooms of all types.

From there we headed to LaGuardia to pick up my daughter, Emma, and made a bus transfer in a bustling predominately Hispanic neighborhood. We might have been the only gringos on the street.

In the early afternoon it was Harlem, Columbia University, Grants Tomb . . . we finished off our day with a meal at the renowned Katz Deli. It was in this deli that Meg Ryan played her most famous role in Harry Met Sally. The food was that good!

Enjoy my photos below. Then click over to see my sister’s album “New York Seen”

fresh breadsNew Jersey peachesthe ApolloAfrican textilesone eave is differentnail designscolumns on Riverside Chuch

Emma by library in Columbia

. . . and another ‘Only In New York’ scene. Where else can you by shoes with such a satisfaction guarantee?

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