“Day Seven” ~ It shakes me up to write those words. My first week has flown by. I’ve worked very hard, not only walking, but also learning how to blog, how to maximize this iPhone, how to tag, add keywords, and basically learn the new language of SEO.

Most days I get up by 6 or 6:30 to work on my paperwork and Atlanta clients. Then I walk for 5-6 hours, crash for an hour or so, and have a light dinner (usually yogurt or something from the deli). I plug away at the computer until 11 or 12 most night ~ one night till almost 2am as my night-owl-programming-friend navigated me through the world of SEO. This focused time has been so good for me. It’s allowed me to concentrate on learning as much I can, as rapidly as I can, about the new tools of my trade–social media.

michele stapleton photographing

My sister, Michele Stapleton

The next three days will be light on work. My sister arrived from Maine today and my daughter arrives tomorrow. I will journal the days, but I plan to spend most of my time enjoying their company. Since my sister, Michele Stapleton, is a very talented photojournalist I have reserved several areas that are of most visual interest for her trained eye ~ Little Senegal area of Harlem, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, to name a few. Expect some brilliant photos over the next few days.

For today, we walked up the West Side of the island to Times Square. We passed through Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, the Flower District and the Garment District. We had lunch at a teeny little, almost dingy, Cuban place. We sat at the counter and thoroughly enjoyed our tamales, fried plantains and the waitress flirting with her body-builder customer. All in Spanish, of course.

NYC flower districtThe Flower District was gorgeous, although we were very disappointed to find the flower wholesaler about to close (shortly after noon). The owner invited us to come back at 3am before all the flowers are boxed up and delivered.

On we went to Times Square which was almost like entering a different country. The souvenirs came out of nowhere, and everywhere we turned, iPhones were hoisted up shooting everything in sight. As electric as it is by day, it is even more magical at night. “Eye Candy” is the only way to describe Times Square.

So, I leave you for the evening. Michele and I will venture out for dinner. We hope to find a nice little place where we can sit outside and enjoy some rest. Emma, my 21-year-old daughter, arrives tomorrow and I can tell you right now, it will take everything we got to keep up with her!

I leave you with this short vignette of a crusty little character everyone who walked by seemed to know and love. I know why. Press here to view.

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