Today was a reality check. It was a typical Monday morning with leftover client work from home to complete, a conference call to make and some billing to send out. My equipment was not cooperating with me. The software I use every day of my life decided to crash. The backup drive I’d brought from home mysteriously had not recorded any work I’d done last week (I now remember unplugging it to plug in one of the kids’ devices). I quickly called my dear friend Jane, a fellow designer, who ran over to my house in Atlanta and revised a job for me. Her husband suggested I download GoToMyPC and do remote access which Jim installed for me (angels lookin’ over this fool).

Got all that done, then ventured out to meet a childhood friend who is in town. She gave me clear instructions on how to get to my nearby subway station but I never did find it.

The subways and I are going to have to come to terms. I have always had a terrible sense of direction, I admit it. But they make them impossible to understand by using colors, numerals and the alphabet to identify the different lines. Why can’t they stick to just numerals? And I wish they’d quit telling you to exit EAST instead of RIGHT. I come out of that subway hole and have no clue which way is east or west. { I pulled on my Girl Scout knowledge today and looked for the sun. But it was high noon and it was no help at all }

I got to the restaurant in the Upper West Side just in time to meet Pam and Ray. We had a late lunch at a quaint little place in the Upper West Side called Isabella’s. Pam and I had not seen each other but probably ten times in the 40 years since we graduated – but we picked right up right where we left off. That’s the mark of a good friend.

girl playing piano

This young pianist is 6 years old!

After lunch I ventured about 12 blocks down to the Apple Store where I took a class on managing photos. From there I walked over to Lincoln Center where I watched a 6-year-old little girl crawl up to a brightly painted piano and play the most beautiful music you’ve ever heard. It stopped people in their tracks! (from what I could tell, that piano is available to anyone who wants to come and play at Lincoln Center. “I performed at Lincoln Center” LOL). I have since learned that this piano was provided by an organization called Sing For Hope. Read about it . . . it’s an amazing program where they put pianos in different locations around the city for people to play. LOVE this idea.

man wathcin girl play piano

This little girl’s talent caught us all by surprise!

Finally got home around 6:30. Did some chores around here and worked on the computer. Although it started out as a very challenging day, I look back on it and just smile. Even a hard day in New York is fun.

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  • Joanna Webster
    Posted at 12:06h, 28 June

    1) Buy a good compass.
    2) Go tickle the ivories on the piano so you, too, can say, “I performed at Lincoln Center.”
    3) Pray for those angels who took care of you during your crisis.

  • Lee Birdsong
    Posted at 14:00h, 28 June

    Lisa – so excited to follow your journey – I’m envious. A month in NYC sounds awesome – You go girl!!

    • lisaweldon
      Posted at 14:55h, 28 June

      it’s beyond awesome. I’m already trying to figure out how to do it yearly…

  • June Corley
    Posted at 15:55h, 28 June

    You CAN’T come back, stay at least another month! Think of a lonely girl in Loachapoka, Alabama who is hanging on your every adventure…. and loving all of them.

    • lisaweldon
      Posted at 20:41h, 28 June

      june, you gotta do this — in the spring or fall when it’s cooler, but you have to! I see so many ‘faces’ — things you’d love!

  • Debbie
    Posted at 19:42h, 28 June

    You continue to amaze and inspire me……I want to see a book from you, one day, written from these blogs and your other experiences! I see a pattern……hmmmmmm, next year, San Francisco? Chicago?

  • Glenda
    Posted at 19:55h, 28 June

    To help with directions when you exit the subway, use the compass on your iPhone. I think it is installed–not an app. Good luck.

    • lisaweldon
      Posted at 22:30h, 28 June

      one of Emma’s friends also told me about HopStop whih is good, too. It’s just finding the station, or figuring out which is north and which is south. My sense of direction is horrible!

  • Janis Miller
    Posted at 17:11h, 01 July

    Also being directionally challenged – might want to consider a GPS device like Garmin or Tom Tom. Not too much money but I’ve had a much better chance to get where I’m going since Paul bought me one. Try those electronic shops where they have a bizillion items in the window. Or just continue to get lost as part of the experience!