Clarify your Purpose

When a group of us gals got together for one of Tavey’s Enneagram classes, “Set Your Intentions” we were instructed to grab a magazine, scan its pages, and pull out things that interested us. We were given a small piece of poster board on which to assemble our finds. Here’s mine:

I keep this poster on my desk at all times.

This assemblage is so me. “There are 1,440 minutes in a day. Take at least fifteen for yourself” – a lesson I’m trying so hard to learn.

A map of the world: I hope to see every single continent before I die.

“My Second Life” –  My youngest is headed to college. I need to re-look at myself, re-charge my batteries, and live the second part of my life to it’s fullest. Starting with NY, I can tell you I have big plans!

The top, left paragraph about Oprah undertaking her new challenge . . . ending her old show and starting a new network. Hell, if she can do it, so can I. At least I won’t have the entire world watching me!!

. . . the movie ‘Julie and Julia,’ which was ultimately the inspiration for my daily walk.

And the moral of my story? “Once you clarify your purpose for doing something, the way to do it becomes clear.” I came straight home from this class, went online, registered for my class at Parsons, and started making a list of all the things I needed to accomplish to make this trip possible.

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