Phew! Another Adventure.

Phew! Another Adventure.

I’m a nervous wreck, that’s all there is to it. A sweet neighbor who knows what’s about to happen, insisted she feed me a quick lunch. I haven’t eaten all day.

What’s happening this afternoon was never a dream. I just couldn’t imagine it ever happening.

About this time three years ago I was sitting in my little home office, trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to make my crazy scheme work. I had made a big fat, bold statement on Facebook that I was going to reinvent myself by enrolling in a month-long class in NY. Although I had made the deposit on my class, I had no idea how I’d pay the balance due, much less swing an apartment in New York City. Nor eat while there.

I was getting ready to make a real fool out of myself.

With the encouragement of many friends, online and at home, I made it to New York. The class was cancelled but the effort morphed into a 30-day walk across Manhattan. That blossomed into a 30-day walk across Paris, then New Orleans, a front page article in Huffington Post, a feature on Lee Woodruff’s blog . . . and a totally new career at age 58, just as I’d hoped.

And now, an invitation from Harpo Productions to be a Skyped-in guest on Oprah’s Life Class – hosted by Cindy Crawford.

I don’t remember being this nervous. I should know by now that everything will be just fine.

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  • Margot Morris Dawkins

    So proud of you! Chasing those dreams….and making them reality! You go girl!!

  • edie Dreaden

    Break A Leg, Lady! We’re praying for you!

  • So sorry that I’ll miss it since I’ll be in San Francisco during that time, but happy for you!

  • Kim bolton

    Will try if I am home! But congrats – omg- that is AUsome!

  • M Elizabeth

    break a leg…love you…you’re awesome…

    don’t mess up;-3 sorry, had to lighten the mood!

  • linda

    Incredible! You will do great!

  • Patti

    I’ll get home to watch! Fabulous!

  • Mary Palmer

    Oh this is wonderful! I know you will do well because everything you have done since starting this new journey has been incredibly exciting and informative helping us all to grow a little bit more.

  • Jeannie

    Ross Fam so proud of you!! You go girl!!!

  • Bill Selman

    Lisa, Wow!

  • Janas Kukla

    I am excited!!! Is it online? On TV?

  • Annie Gillespie

    So very deserving! This is wonderful.

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