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A Letter from Paris

Paris - September 10, 2012 - 10 Comments

I have a ritual I do when my creativity is blocked. When I need to design a new logo or website and nothing comes to mind, I will venture out and search for letters in the alphabet. My rules are that I must first find the A then work myself down to the Z. It might be a branch in a park that comes off the main trunk forming a V, or it could be the actual letter, like the famous V in Varsity – Atlanta’s most famous hot dog stand.

It’s an exercise I learned in art class in college. If forces you to see things that you’d normally miss in your everyday life. It trains the minds eye to be aware of detail, form, textures, and oftentimes, sound and smell.

Although Paris is hardly a place where one might suffer from blocked creativity, I went through my ritual this morning, just to ensure I was seeing and absorbing all there is to experience in this magnificent town.

Here are a few of my letters, some off shop and street signs, others from motorcycles and menu boards.


{ letters on the street of Paris ~ all near the Bastille }

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