Let Them Wear Their Batman Costumes to Church, for God’s Sake

As Mother’s Day approached, I sat on my couch and glanced up at the photos of my three children. These particular photos are some of my favorite, mainly because the kids’ personalities were so perfectly captured.

I had stupidly made an appointment with a photographer after school on a Friday. What was I thinking? End of a week. Not only was I beat, but my kids were, too. There was no way in hell they were going to let me fix their hair, much less dress them in the starched khakis and frilly dress I’d brought. You see, all three of my kids inherited my bull-headed personality.

The photographer sensed the mood the minute we walked in the door and convinced me to put the finery aside. He pulled up a stool, plopped each of them down in front of the camera and clicked as quickly as he could. He didn’t move a hair nor did he straighten a collar. We were in and out of there in 30 minutes.

My kids are all grown now, all out of the house. As I look at these photos I wish I could do over so many things. I would not worry so much about whether their khakis were pressed or their shoes polished. I wouldn’t over-schedule them in sports and activities. I’d honor their C’s if that was the best they could do. Hell, if I could do over, I’d let Witt wear the Batman costume to church, just like he wanted to.

We ol’ moms need to share with the younger generation of mothers. We need to teach them how important it is to slow down, to let go of all the unnecessary stresses they carry. Instead of heading up committees and organizing teams, take more time to have dinner together, to read together, to veg together. These simple moments are so much more important to the development of your child and your relationship with them.

I let go that day, just let the shot happen. So glad I did.

  • georganne
    Posted at 14:59h, 08 June

    catching up on your posts. Love the writing… LOVE the pics! I am so in awe of your talent! Can’t wait to read about Paris.

  • lisaweldon
    Posted at 15:29h, 08 June

    got a huge map of Paris spread out on the table – looking at it today. With only about 80 days away, I better get my ducks in a row!