It’s Time to Let Go.

I’ll never forget lying there, about to be prepped for surgery. I was just minutes away from having my tubes tied. My days of having babies was about to end.

My doctor tried to console me, but I kept crying uncontrollably. You see, I loved being pregnant and having babies. I loved every single minute of it. He said to me, “Lisa, you know we don’t have to do this.” But I knew it had to end. I looked at him hard, through the tears, and said, “Dr. Moreland, tie ’em tight. Tie them real tight. I’m 41 and I sure don’t need any more babies.”

That’s the way I feel now. It’s hard letting go of my youth.

Although it’s time, I’m really not ready to let my baby go off to college.

Although I love our home of 25 years, it’s time for something smaller.

Lisa in convertible

Ah, young, foolish...

I loved my college days at Auburn. Being 20-something in advertising. A business owner, a PTA mom, an education activist, a wife. I think back on it all and think how lucky I’ve been.

But I’m at a crossroads in life. Time to move on, to look ahead, time to reSoul my Dancin’ Shoes! I gotta lot of things I want to do.

First stop: New York City!



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  • Kim
    Posted at 22:34h, 25 June

    Now it’s time for the REAL FUN to being!!!!