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So much I don’t see.

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Sculpture between the Terminus buildings in Atlanta.

I am so excited I can hardly breathe. It’s Friday night, April the 8th and I just got back from doing my first trial walk.

As many of you know, I plan to go back to school this summer at Parsons in NY and walk every square mile of Manhattan . . . then blog about what I find. Being a bit anal, I have to make sure I get all the bugs worked out before I go, so I walked my first square mile tonight.

building in Buckhead

A stunning piece of architecture in Buckhead.

I chose a nearby commercial area, one I felt was as close to a New York block as I could find.

I loaded up all the tools I would need so I could test my equipment, gauge my timing, see what the light does at this time of day, and to check what unknowns I might encounter.

For tonight’s story, I chose the most obvious – all the beauty we miss. I must admit, I love architecture and I did choose one of the most stunning displays of buildings right here where I live. The angles, the reflections, the light interactions changed with every step I took.

Park in Buckhead

a little park nestled between the buildings in Buckhead

Not 1/4 of a mile into my walk did I find a sweet little park snuggled between 4 or 5 buildings. I’ve driven past a million times and NEVER noticed it. This little park has one of those great water features like is at Atlanta’s Olympic Park . . . the water shoots up from the ground. The kids love playing in it . . . and the sculptures were incredible. I can’t believe no one knows about this.

{ Bet you can’t guess where I found a putting green, right in the middle of this block in Buckhead . . .}

As I walked on, I stopped and looked behind me, realizing that there was just as much beauty behind me as there was in front of me. A real life lesson, isn’t it?

I’m busy taking photos when I’m stopped by a guard who asked if I had permission to be photographing. When I explain I was doing a school project, you can only imagine what ran through his mind. Bless him for keeping his mouth shut.

I finished my walk and to make it official, I rode my route to gauge mileage. As I pulled up to a red light, I caught a glimpse of the sunset. I put my car into park, grabbed my camera, poked my head through the moon roof and aimed at my shot. Next thing I knew, a blue light was flashing behind me.

It was a good night. I can only imagine what it’ll be in New York.

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