You see, I had this crazy plan to walk every square mile in Manhattan.

I just googled NYC and learned that there are 23 square miles in Manhattan. Its 13.4 miles long and 2.3 miles at its widest point. Ill be there for 28 days, so Im setting my goal to do one square mile per day. Sounds reasonable, doesnt it?

Being a visual person, I have to “see” a square mile. A mile is from my house to Phipps Plaza. Not a cake walk, but not too bad. Then I realized that a square mile is actually four miles around the perimeter. No diagonal streets where Im headed. No cheating, in other words.

If I subtract the 3+ square miles of Central Park. Take a bit off for Hudson Riverpark, Riverside Park. Highbridge Parks. Its getting more and more manageable by the minute.

Then I cut up a map of Manhattan into 20 equal pieces. It cuts up beautifully — one day for the Financial District. The next day in Chinatown and a sliver of Little Italy. Moving up to Lower East Side and East Village…


Yep, I can do that!