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Phew! Another Adventure.

I’m a nervous wreck, that’s all there is to it. A sweet neighbor who knows what’s about to happen, insisted she feed me a quick lunch. I haven’t eaten all day. What’s happening this afternoon was never a dream. I just couldn’t imagine it ever happening. About this time three years ago I was sitting in my […]

Istanbul , New Orleans , News , NYC , Panama , Paris , Shanghai , social media tricks - April 2, 2014

New Orleans ~ The Documentary

A door opened for me this spring. I had the honor of being chosen as one of 27 people from around the US to visit New Orleans for 5 days. While there I was to assess the city’s entrepreneurial rebirth after Katrina. In return for this all-expense paid trip, I was to share, through my […]

New Orleans , social media tricks - October 21, 2012

A Taste of New Orleans

I woke up hungry for the Shrimp & Grits from Ste. Marie’s. Yep, for breakfast. My mind immediately went to the meal I’d enjoyed just a few weeks ago at Ste. Marie’s in New Orleans. The menu described this dish’s ingredients as: “tasso, stone ground grits, Abita Amber reduction.” An avid cook myself, and one […]

New Orleans , restaurants , Uncategorized - April 4, 2012

NOLA: Story of a Diamond

Who would ever believe this story? Only in New Orleans: On Friday night, after all the pre-planned activities were over, a bunch of our NOLAbound members embarked on Frenchmen Street, a two-block long stretch of street full of music joints. You never know who might pop up playing on any given night on Frenchmen Street. […]

neighborhoods , New Orleans - March 22, 2012


I arrived five days ago with my preconceived ideas of what New Orleans would be. Today I came home with a totally different impression. The New Orleans I now know is alluring, taunting us to re-think our future. It’s drawing us in with tax incentives, concierge services and start-up funds. (More on Incentives) This transformation […]

New Orleans - March 19, 2012

NOLA: The Biggest Secret in America

Upon receiving the phone call from the doctor telling me that my husband had cancer, I immediately called my friend Kim, a breast cancer survivor. “Welcome to The ‘C’ Club, she said. “I wish everyone could belong. It will change your life in the greatest way. You’ll never be the same.” Like many of us […]

New Orleans - March 18, 2012

New Orleans: The Real Story

In the three days that we’ve been here we’ve sat in the finest of the city’s boardrooms. We’ve watched basketball from best box in the New Orleans Arena. We’ve dined on rooftops at sunset, overlooking the city at its best. The city’s top leaders have been with us almost 24/7, making sure we’ve heard the […]

New Orleans - March 17, 2012

The Blue Dog Is Not A Dog

Today we were split into four sub-groups: the Arts, Bio-Science, Tech, and Sustainability. I joined the “Arts” group as we ventured off on foot to four artists’ studios. Our first stop was the studio of George Rodrigue, the artist well known for his Blue Dog. I had no idea I was about to meet the […]

New Orleans - March 16, 2012

NOLA is Open for Business

If you’re interested in doing business in New Orleans, please call on these folks who so graciously hosted the NOLAbound project: Greater New Orleans, Inc: a regional economic development alliance serving the 10-parish region of Southeast Louisiana. (email Curry Smith: csmith@gnoinc.org) Downtown Development District: their mission is to drive the development of Downtown New Orleans […]

New Orleans - March 16, 2012

The NEW Orleans

In a commencement speech, Steve Jobs tells the 2005 graduates of Stanford that, “death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make room for the new.” Because of all the recent changes in my life, I’ve relied on these words quite often […]

neighborhoods , New Orleans - March 16, 2012

NOLA – Day 1

I arrived into New Orleans a little after 9am yesterday morning. Luckily I slept the entire flight. Lucky because, from the minute my feet hit the pavement in this town, I have been moving. A bit indicative of what’s going on in this town. There’s so much happening here. Young people everywhere. Young, hip, smart, […]

neighborhoods , New Orleans - March 15, 2012

New Orleans, Here We Come

I’m nervous. Tomorrow morning I board a plane to New Orleans for probably one of the most exciting opportunities of my life. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be life-changing. The 27 of us chosen to participate in the NOLA bound project will come from Boston, Houston, Cleveland, New York, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Buffalo, […]

neighborhoods , New Orleans - March 10, 2012

NOLA Itinerary #1

DAY ONE: ARRIVAL Upon arrival at our hotel, The Modern, we will have an entrance interview. After mine, I plan to drop everything in my room, put on my walking shoes and start hoofing it around the neighborhood. Our first event is not til 4:00 o’clock – a Meet+Greet, an orientation in the hotel’s bar, […]

aging , Learning , New Orleans - March 6, 2012

NOLA Itinerary #2

: : : : : : : : : :  DAY TWO { I’ll need some of that thick, strong, chicory coffee like they serve at Café du Monde } Out of bed early the next morning . . . just in time for an 8am breakfast meeting at the  NOMA, the New Orleans Museum […]

Learning , neighborhoods , New Orleans , restaurants - March 6, 2012

NOLA Itinerary #3

: : : : : : : : : :  DAY THREE Another one of those 8am mornings. Coffee better be strong, especially after a night on Oak Street. We’ll visit other industry-related sites in the morning then move to the NOCCA, the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts, for a panel discussion. Folks, […]

New Orleans , restaurants , Uncategorized - March 6, 2012

NOLA Itinerary #4

: : : : : : : : : :  DAY FOUR They let us sleep in this morning. After all, it’s Saturday in the Big Easy. At 10:15 we jump right into an entrepreneurship discussion at Launch Pad, New Orleans’ innovative collaborative work spaces. I’d love to work in an environment like this. The […]

New Orleans , restaurants - March 6, 2012

New Orleans: Musts

My FB/Bloggin’ friend just sent me a tip on where to find the city’s best Bloody Marys. Her message reminded me that I need to keep everyone’s recommendations somewhere handy. Here we go, and Michelle, you lead the pack: Somethin’ Else Cafe: “although slow to arrive” the “food is worth the wait.” French Toast, Crab […]

New Orleans , restaurants - February 5, 2012

NOLA : Getting Socially Connected

In order to ready myself for this New Orleans trip, I’ve been forced to clean up my social media act. I’m in the process of putting all my New York articles on the shelf and opening a new communication path for my New Orleans articles, then another for Paris. One of the first things on […]

Learning , New Orleans , social media tricks - January 31, 2012

Thank You!

T H A N K   Y O U   to each of you who helped me win a spot on the trip to New Orleans. Read more: NolaBound New Orleans, through a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Administration, has chosen 25 well-connected individuals from across the country to assess the […]

New Orleans - January 1, 2012



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