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Simplify, baby, simplify

aging - February 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

One of the keys to a fun, happy second half of your life is to simplify. Simplify every aspect of your life.

I was recently forced to simplicy my own life. I had to let go of my home of 25+ years, I had to let go of furniture that no longer fit into a big house. As silly as it sounds, I had to let go of my beloved bug man, just a jolly soul I loved talking with four times a year.

When I was in NY this past July, I went on a very tight budget. In order to get an apartment in the location I wanted, I had to settle for an apartment without a kitchen. No stove, no oven – just a small, compact refrigerator. I was a tad panicked about how I would feed myself for an entire month without cooking.

I laugh as I think back. Thank goodness I never had to cook. Number one, I was having so much fun out walking the city that I had no time to cook. Number two, I ate all fresh foods, or I’d pick up a chicken from the deli down the street and eat on it for a day or two. Girls and boys, listen to me. I NEVER missed the cooking! One of my facebook followers told me she lived in Hong Kong apartment for nine years with no kitchen. One of her fondest memories was of a Thanksgiving dinner she prepared for entire crowd…without a kitchen!

So, let me urge you to pare down, simplify. As much as you think you need stuff, you don’t!

Take all those clothes you’ve not worn in a year and give them to Goodwill. Let someone else enjoy them. Get rid of all those pots and pans you won’t need now that the kids are gone, or the bread-making machine you’ve used only twice in your life. Sell that big house and put that extra furniture in a consignment shop. Rent for awhile and let someone else take care of re-roofing the place or mowing the lawn. Throw those what-nots on eBay and make a little extra change. Get a payment-free car, whether it looks good or not. And start covering that gray hair with a $7.99 bottle of L’Oreal. That’s $100 less you gotta earn . . . and two more hours in your day you have to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

There are benefits to being older, an empty nester. But you must take advantage of them to enjoy the second half of your life.

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