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Too much vanilla ice cream

Learning , social media tricks - February 4, 2012 - 0 Comments

I came away from yesterday’s WordCamp utterly overwhelmed. Some classes were a bit elementary, others over my head. So many possibilities, so much I want to implement. The amount of work I need to do, in order to get to the level I want to achieve, in the time I want it done, is just too much.

You’ve got to understand, this sistah is in hog heaven with all this but it’s much like sitting down at the table with a half gallon of vanilla bean ice cream. I LOVE the way it tastes. I want to eat the whole thing, all in one sitting. But if I ate the entire half gallon, I’ll be left feeling miserable.

Learning about the technology, the psychology behind social media, the writing. This new world, this digital age is re-writing history and it blows my mind. Just wish I was 25 again and could live 50, 60 more years in it.

I hear the voice in my head, ‘Be kind to yourself, take baby steps. Do what you can do today and do the rest tomorrow.’ But my internal engine is in overdrive. Yes, the excitement, the energy, is driving it. It’s the ‘type A’ in me that wants thing done. Done perfectly. And done yesterday.

I’ve learned through this ‘second half of life’ journey that I’ve got to learn to slow down, respect what my body is capable of doing, rest and take one step at a time. That’s hard for this ‘ol mama.

Maybe I’ll take a few minutes before getting dressed and have me a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate syrup on top, for breakfast. Yep, nobody’s looking. Think I will.

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