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50 Years – Has Anything Changed?

I wrote this piece for a writing class four or five years ago. After listening to all the MLK tributes yesterday, I thought it might be worth resurrecting. “Is it fair to hold OUR children back in order to let the negrah kids catch up?” I was only 16 when I heard these words come from […]

writing - April 5, 2018

I get low right about now every year.

I get low right about now every year. I’ve often wondered if it was simply the cold weather. Being a Southerner, I don’t take kindly to frost. Or maybe the cold holds me back from walking as often, or even feeling motivated to do so. Or is it the adrenalin hangover after the hustle and […]

aging , Learning , NYC , Shanghai , writing - February 3, 2018

My Dad

One of the gifts I received while working with writing tutor Jane Gassner came after she pushed me over and over again to get my 87-year-old mother to share her story. Jane insisted I understand how my mother’s upbringing, her marriage to my father and the times in which they lived impacted my own life’s […]

writing - June 18, 2017



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