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The Final Mile of Writing a Memoir

There are a lot of emotions tangled up in writing your life story. I have come to learn that it’s not MY story, but a tapestry of many people’s stories all woven together.  It’s been cathartic writing through the struggles Jim and I faced in our marriage. Wading through the nitty-gritty of my mother’s history […]

aging , reinvention , writing - September 6, 2018

I get low right about now every year.

I get low right about now every year. I’ve often wondered if it was simply the cold weather. Being a Southerner, I don’t take kindly to frost. Or maybe the cold holds me back from walking as often, or even feeling motivated to do so. Or is it the adrenalin hangover after the hustle and […]

aging , Learning , NYC , Shanghai , writing - February 3, 2018


Phew, what a birthday. You’re only 60 once, so why not blow it out for weeks. That’s exactly what I did. Two dear friends from church treated me to a big ol’ steak dinner. Yeah, Ruth’s Chris, no less! A girlfriend had three of us at her home for a lovely dinner and lots of […]

aging - November 12, 2012

Women and Their 28 Days

I was 25 years old when I moved into a third-story apartment overlooking Peachtree Street in Atlanta. As many of you know, this is the main thoroughfare through the entire city. A very busy street. Exhausted after a day of moving I crawled into bed sometime around 2:00am. A few hours later, I got out […]

aging , Paris , Uncategorized - September 12, 2012

Gotta Get Out of the Boat, Face My Fears

[blogcount num=60] A debilitating fear has set in. I’ve talked about this 30-day trip to Paris now for over a year. I’ve saved the money. Now that it’s time to book my airline ticket, fear is literally shutting me down. Just got back from church. While having coffee in the parlor, a friend shared the […]

aging , Paris - July 1, 2012

Wearing a coconut bra is good for the soul.

I’ve got so much in common with Jimmy Buffett. He and I grew up in the same town –  Mobile, Alabama. We both went to Auburn. I’ve been to most of the haunts he sings about. I share his love of the sunshine, the Gulf Coast, and of course, good seafood. That wonderful seaside ‘have-fun’ […]

aging , Atlanta - June 11, 2012

Mothering Teens Is Hell

Will I survive my last year as Mom of a teen? I’d love to just flat out murder whoever advised me to have three teenagers at the same time. As I look back on my life, I will openly and publicly admit that the ten years I’ve spent mothering three teenagers were the hardest in […]

aging - May 23, 2012

Let Them Wear Their Batman Costumes to Church, for God’s Sake

As Mother’s Day approached, I sat on my couch and glanced up at the photos of my three children. These particular photos are some of my favorite, mainly because the kids’ personalities were so perfectly captured. I had stupidly made an appointment with a photographer after school on a Friday. What was I thinking? End […]

aging , Learning - May 13, 2012

What’s Your Secret Talent?

I’m busting at the seams to tell you a new idea. My friend, Dee, just told me about a new business she dreams of starting. It’s brilliant. She loves old, pretty china – and for the last few months she’s figured out how to turn that passion into a business. “I’ve made enough to cover […]

aging , Learning , social media tricks - May 7, 2012

Who Am I?

I ‘closed shop’ yesterday about 4pm. It was Friday and I had a list a mile long for the weekend. You see, weekends are when I get to do my fun, ‘frilly’ stuff – like write on my blog, walk the Atlanta Beltline, and meet with my writing group . . . oh, and sleep […]

aging , Learning , social media tricks - April 30, 2012

NOLA Itinerary #1

DAY ONE: ARRIVAL Upon arrival at our hotel, The Modern, we will have an entrance interview. After mine, I plan to drop everything in my room, put on my walking shoes and start hoofing it around the neighborhood. Our first event is not til 4:00 o’clock – a Meet+Greet, an orientation in the hotel’s bar, […]

aging , Learning , New Orleans - March 6, 2012

Excuses, excuses

I ran into my friend, Jean, walking the dog yesterday morning. She and I continued walking together, and talking for 15 or so minutes. She opened up to me, telling me that at age 48, she’s beginning to face loneliness. Her husband travels a good bit with work, her last child is at ‘that age’ when […]

aging , Learning - March 4, 2012

Simplify, baby, simplify

One of the keys to a fun, happy second half of your life is to simplify. Simplify every aspect of your life. I was recently forced to simplicy my own life. I had to let go of my home of 25+ years, I had to let go of furniture that no longer fit into a big […]

aging - February 6, 2012

Learn in yo’ old age!

Okay, the timer’s clicking. See if I can do another post in 10 minutes. I did my outline in the shower, I’ve poured myself a cup of coffee. And I’ve got to be downtown in 30 minutes. If you’ve got the luxury of being in the second half of your life, free of PTA meetings […]

aging , Learning , social media tricks - February 3, 2012

Learning Cheap

Since my last child went off to college this fall, I’ve had lots of quiet time around my house. After 25 years of screaming babies, barking dogs, teenagers slamming doors, one would think I would welcome such peace. But it was very hard at first. The solitude was deafening. Six months into it, my tune’s […]

aging , Learning , social media tricks - January 29, 2012

The incident @ the bank

Yep. There are a few good things about being old. I went to the bank this morning to deposit checks for my kids’ allowances. I was wearing a brand new, fresh-outta-the-box turtleneck from LL Bean. It’s a pretty turquoise top my sister sent me for my birthday last week. “Welcome to Wells Fargo!“ the fresh-faced, […]

aging , Uncategorized - November 4, 2011

Hit by a brick

One of the most inspiring messages I’ve ever heard comes from Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to the 2005 Stanford University graduates. One sentence strikes close to my heart each time I hear it. He says: “ . . . getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me . . […]

aging , Learning - September 2, 2011

My job

When I started in my field 35 yeas ago, the tools of my trade consisted of a jar of rubber cement and an exacto knife. My desk tilted upwards and I used a t-square to line up the board on my desk. I used a proportion wheel, a loupe and a blue pencil to make […]

aging , NYC , social media tricks - April 1, 2011



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