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All Out War

Clients & Projects - March 3, 2014 - 0 Comments

Georgia-Pacific conceived a smart way to fight HAIs, or hospital acquired infections, the plague that haunts every hospital administrator in America. Theirs was a program which incentivized doctors and nurses to wash their hands more often.

The challenge? It was their debut in the healthcare market and in order to be heard, they needed to create quite the fanfare around their entrance.

We were thrilled to get the call from one of the most creative clients we’ve ever encountered. His mantra was, “If the idea isn’t edgy, I don’t want to hear it.”

We went to work. Tony Shalhoub’s agent was our first call. Better known as Detective Adrian Monk, this germaphobe character would be the perfect spokesperson for our new product. Idea number one. Check.

In our second round of ideas my partner, Cleve Willcoxon, brandished this new service as “Simply, Hygenius!,” a term we coined and supported with images of Einstein, Mozart and Churchill.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 5.24.06 PMBut it was in our third round of ideas that called for all hands on deck. All employees of the hospital needed to join the War Effort in the all-out battle against the lethal enemy, HAIs. GP’s product, SafeHaven, would be the ultimate weapon against this enemy. We created a trade show booth that resembled the unit at M*A*S*H, an employee incentive program with stripes and metals rewarding their good service, and a non-profit with whom the hospitals could partner. Of course, dog tags were imprinted for potential customers.

It’s delightful to land on clients who are gutsy enough to take creative risks, who push to do things differently. They know their rewards are much greater, no matter how legally difficult, or how dull your product or service may seem.

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