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Back in New York, 2 years later

NYC - September 16, 2013 - 13 Comments

It’s barely 8:00pm and I am already in my pjs. I’ve had dinner, the lights are out, my front windows are cracked open, letting in a cool breeze. I’m exhausted. It’s been a long, tough 4-1/2 months leading up to this trip.


All week I’ve worried that this time in New York will be a let-down, a disappointment. The 30 days I spent walking this city in July of 2011 were simply magical, life-changing. How could I possibly repeat that heartbeat every morning?


The newness has certainly worn off. As the plane descended onto the city, I didn’t feel quite the same awe I did two summers ago. I looked down from the window and could identify the neighborhoods. I could name the bridges that span the East River. I knew exactly what route the cab driver would take to reach my apartment.


“What next?,” I asked myself. After all, I had reached my dream in so many ways.


Seema greeted me at the door with an European kiss on each cheek, just as she did that first summer. Not much had changed in the apartment but, God, I immediately felt so at home. A big ol’ smile just washed my face. I’ve missed this place. I really have.


The kids at the bar next door are going strong. I can hear a faint hint of laughter wafting through my open window. A small yappy dog is barking now and then, and the muted roar of cars and planes fills the rest of my background.


I’m so happy to be back.


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I did manage to find some cool graffiti on my way in. Enjoy:

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