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Vote NO!

Atlanta - November 5, 2012 - 0 Comments

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow Georgians will vote for or against a change to our state’s constitution. Because of all the marketing efforts, many will be voting – for what they believe is – “School CHOICE.”


We have school choice now. You can apply your child to a charter school today or start one if so inclined. You do not need this amendment. Georgia has many charter schools that have been in existence for years.

The purpose of this amendment is to allow our governor and General Assembly to appoint a state board – a band-aid – at the tune of $1+ million.

We taxpayers should be holding our elected officials’ feet to the fire and demanding they FIX the problems in education. Not giving them another $1 million of our tax dollars for a box of ‘waiting for Superman’ band-aids.

I’m voting “NO.”

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