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WiFi { free-wee-fee } in Paris

Paris , social media tricks - July 9, 2012 - 1 Comments

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My iPhone was my greatest friend while I was in New York last summer. But overseas? A totally different subject.

I’ve gotten a zillion different opinions on how to solve the problem. Apparently it totally depends on which phone you own. So I went to the source, the Verizon store, for their help. I was told my 3G won’t work in Paris but Verizon will send me a ‘loaner’ for the trip. I can put my present plan on the lowest usage plan while I’m gone and jump onto one of their international plans. BUT, after reviewing the cost, I am better off looking for another solution. So, for this week’s project: solve the cell dilemma.

I do see that more than 250 public places in Paris (gardens, libraries, town halls, museums, etc.) have free hot spots, or Wi-Fi (or “wee-fee” the French pronounce it). Here’s what I’ve found:

1. Where? Municipal buildings equipped with Wi-Fi access  are sprinkled generously throughout all 20 arrondissements of Paris – most displaying an easily identifiable sign alerting you of free access. Last year while in NY, I relied on Starbucks . . .

2. To access it turn on your laptop, tablet or phone and select the ORANGE Wi-Fi network.

3. Open your usual Internet browser and enter any website address. You will be automatically redirected to the access portal. Once on the service home page, you click “SELECT YOUR PASS”

4. Complete the form, accept the terms of use for the service by clicking the box and log on.

5. The home page of the Paris Wi-Fi access portal will reload. An internet connection confirmation message will appear, together with the remaining session time. Keep this window open. It will remind you when your allotted 2-hour session is winding down. You can reconnect without any special conditions by repeating this connection process.

6. You can surf the Internet freely, send and receive emails, etc.

Don’t look for me in the McDonald’s. Free Wi-Fi or not, I refuse to eat at McDonald’s in Paris.

Well, if the bathroom is free, maybe I might. {free-wee-fee&pee }

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