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..probably not best if you have trouble getting up

neighborhoods , Paris - July 3, 2012 - 4 Comments

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. . . more on finding an apartment in Paris for the month of September:

I emailed five apartment owners and have heard from only one – in French. Thank goodness for translation.com. His apartment is not available all the days I need, so one down.

Am having a blast reading Airbnb.com, laughing at some of the apartment descriptions and comments people have left:

“Great views . . . and the accommodations inside met our needs for sleeping, eating, and – in my case – working and having conference calls via internet with the US (the connection was strong and it’s a lot more fun working when you have a glass of wine and a great view!)”

Yes, if I plan to live like a Parisian, a glass of wine while working is in order.

“Electricity included for normal using.” 

Hate to think what ‘abnormal using’ might be.

“Italian coffeemaker, Kettle, teapot…and bathroom with bathtub, TV, DVD, tuner and CD, hairdryer…

In Paris, is it customary to watch TV while in the bathtub? Cool.

“Bread and pastry shop across the street!”

That speaks to me.

“in the heart of Paris on the second floor of a small building with a lift”

Honey, just BEING in the City of Lights will be a lift for me.

“The sitting room has two full height French windows with wrought iron balustrades overlooking the cobbled courtyard…draped in sunlight…washed in moonlight…”

Ah, this Parisian knows how to hook us Americans, doesn’t he?

“In the kitchen there is a breakfast bar, a brand new gas combi-boiler, an oven and hob, a microwave, a large fridge and a washing machine.”

What, pray tell, is a hob?

And you gotta love this one, from an understanding ol’ Brit:

“generally well-equipped but lacks a kettle which would have been welcomed but perhaps that’s English expectations coming to the fore!”

“Literally hundreds of dog places are around to have a drink and eat: truly the best neighborhood.”

Dog places to eat and drink? Hmmm.

“The particularity of this place is definitively its private terrace, on Which You want to enjoy morning coffee or aperitive and breakfast. Some may even want to observe the stars shining in the night while lying in the long chairs.”

“Many restaurant, bakery, bar and cafe in the area, just below the apartment! (more imp a Starbuck around the corner)” – You’d go to a Starbucks while in Paris? You MUST be kidding!

“The kitchen was well stocked with cooking utensils, spices, and extras like orange juice, Nutella, and wine.” . . . . and the chef?

“The apartment has two sets of steep stairs (even steeper after a few bottles of wine), so it’s probably not best if you have trouble getting up and down.” …getting up from too much wine?

NEWS: Just got a message from another owner. It’s available and she shaved $100 off the weekly cost. Should I book it?


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