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2012: Paris

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The New SchoolsAbout this time last year I remember flipping through the course catalog from The New School at Parson’s. Christmas was over. The kids were out with their friends. The house was quiet. I poured myself a glass of wine and, for a moment, I just let my mind wander.

I had received the Parsons catalog for several years. Each year I’d go through it, reading every single word of the course descriptions, taking a yellow marker and highlighting the summer courses that interested me. One year it was an architectural renovation class. The next, a design management. Last year it was an urban renewal course, one that involved all disciplines of design to improve the quality of life of an impoverished neighborhood.

Once Christmas was over I’d pitch it along with the LLBean and Lands End catalogs. It was time to move on, get ready for school to start, get taxes prepared, and get back to reality. The dream was forgotten, swept under a rug.

Last year was different. I hit the ‘enroll’ button and seven months later I landed in New York for a month’s stay. The rest is history.

Here I sit, one year later, making plans for my second adventure – Paris.

Which arrondissement should I live in for the month of September? I want to take courses as I did in NY but need to solve the language barrier (I speak zero French). An internship at an interactive company would be fun. Or, if I could find a place to teach while there . . .

My iPhone – how will I power it up if there are no Starbucks on every block? { OH! I’m wrong. Here’s a list of all Parisian locations! } And simple things, like the electrical plugs for my equipment?

Should I rent a computer when I get to Paris . . .


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